Audio Production Services Stamford

Audio Production across the Greater Metropolitan New York area, Westchester & Fairfield Counties

Audio’s Your Secret Weapon

From the beginning, we’ve been convinced of the importance of sound in setting the mood and supporting the emotion and action in a story. Studies have shown audiences will often put up with imperfect images, but are unforgiving when it comes to the sound quality.

From ADR services for Hollywood features and network TV to local radio spots, audio books, corporate podcasts, VOs and sound design, we provide a wide range of audio services. And, if you can’t come to us, we’re happy to come to you to record at your facility or in the field.
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Audio Production Ridgefield


  • Synced Picture for ADR via Source-Connect Pro
  • Yamaha DM1000 digital console
  • Genelec GLM DSP with 8130A monitors and SE7261A sub
  • Millennia Media HV-3C preamps
  • Neumann U87 and Schoeps MK41 mics
  • Forensic Sound Restoration with iZotope RX 7 Advanced, Waves Restoration Suite, & more
  • Sound design
  • Original music
  • A range of music libraries
  • Casting voice talent
  • Remote recording
  • Podcasts