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Maybe It Ought to Be Illegal

Is it ok to have fun and be paid for it? For over 30 years now, I have wondered if it isn't somehow wrong to make money at a job that's like a kid's dream come true. In essence, we make movies for organizations large and small and have all the joys of working with top professional actors, cameramen, gaffers, editors, audio and video engineers, writers, casting directors, graphic designers and programmers. It's a highly serious business for all parties. But, the fun of creativity never seems to tarnish. We look for new ways to communicate to people. We try new techniques for visualizing ideas. And we get to play with the most advanced technological toys the engineers can conjure up. There are the inevitable headaches of running a business and constantly trying to top our last job with even more innovative programs. But, at the end of a long day, you're left with the thought that you're getting paid for having a lot of fun.

When you're looking for a production company to perform a project for you, check out their credentials. View their work. Hear their ideas. But, remember to check their pulse to see if they're having a good time at what they do. Being allowed to create is better than a trip to Disney World.

John Fishback
P&P Studios Inc.

The Talent Behind The Toys

In choosing a production company, the bottom line, once you've gotten past the razzle and dazzle, the blinking lights and the mountains of computers, is talent. The instincts to know what to do and the ability to get it done. The experience to make right decisions under fire. The determination not to stop one take short of just right.

Talent: it's what we sell at P&P Studios Inc., and what has kept our doors open since 1970.

Total Lack of Chaos!

Your operations are critical, but you need to shoot in your live environment. The last thing you need is a bunch of crazies disrupting your people’s work. We understand the importance of working carefully…not interfering with anything or anyone. When we depart your facility, we leave no footprints!

And there’s another benefit of a total lack of chaos. People often equate careful planning of logistics and shoot details with a lack of creativity. But, we look at that from another angle. By planning in advance for every possible contingency (and we’ve experienced a lot since 1970) we have more time to work and be creative on the set.


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